Okkem Design provides both Architecture and Engineering services for Residential and Commercial projects.


Design, convey, and document long-term growth and development strategies for large lands and growing communities.
Land Use Planning
Urban Planning
Master Plans
Urban Design


Design, convey, and document the shape, look, and feel of a proposed space.
Feasibility Research
Schematic Design
Design Development
Construction Documents

Structural Engineering

Analyze and design the shape, material, and connection methods of any framing elements.

Pre-design Consultation
Structural Drawings
Value Engineering
Structural Calculations

Design Support

 Increase production speed and bandwidth by supplementing your design resources.

Field Measurements
As-Built Drawings
Drafting/Production Support
3D Visualization (2D & 3D)

Construction Services

Solve a problem or clear a hurdle during the construction phase.
Bidding and Negotiation
Permitting Assistance
Layout Support
Construction Administration

Structural Inspections and Reports

Obtain an opinion on the existing condition of a structure.

Foundation Assessments
Load-Bearing Wall Determinations
Structural Verification Reports
Structural Damage Assessments

Structural Inspections:

Our rate for engineering services is $175/hr with a 2 hour minimum. Inspections + reports can range between 4-8 hours, but a report isn't always necessary. You can use this link to schedule an appointment. Schedule Link

It requires a $350 payment in order to cover the 2 hour minimum. Please don't hesitate to call or email us with any questions.